Thank you for participating in this District Literacy Scan. Your feedback is important to your school and your district because the perceptions of personnel tell us a lot about how well our literacy strategies are being implemented, and where there is room for improvement.

If your district administers this scan again (later this year or next year), the results will demonstrate the progress over time in your district and/or school.

Your Data is Confidential.

This is an anonymous scan designed to capture the perceptions of personnel around key components associated with balanced literacy programs. The scan does not request any personal information and does not track email addresses or other information related to users. Only the district administrator who distributed the link for the scan has access to the reports generated by this tool. The use of this tool over time can help a district understand the progress of the implementation of a balanced literacy program.

Resources from the Scan

As you saw, embedded throughout this scan were resources, examples, templates, and tools. They are also listed below, in case you need them.